Inside Out Cookies + Edible Image Cookie Tutorial

inside out cookies

Hey guys! Today I want to tell you how I made these adorable Inside Out cookies!

Decorating cookies with royal icing can be VERY time-consuming, but it is really fun and can even be relaxing!

I decorated these cookies with royal icing and I used edible images for the picture. I like using edible images on cookies because people often want a specific picture or logo on their cookie and with an edible image you can get the exact image!

So, I started off by baking square cookies with a scalloped edge using my sugar cookie recipe.

Next, I used pages (or word) to resize the image to the correct size. I wanted my image to be a little smaller than the cookie because I like when some cookie edge shows through and I needed room for a border. I printed out paper test images until I got the right size for the cookie. Then I added the words to the bottom of the image, grouped the words and picture together to be one unit and duplicated it to fit as many as I could on the sheet (I pay by the sheet). I then emailed the sheet to my local store and got it printed! You can get this done at most stores with a bakery department. I use the thick kind of icing sheets, not wafer paper which is very thin.

I like to attach my edible images onto wet royal icing. Some people flood the cookies, let them dry, and then attach the image using corn syrup but I find that that makes extra steps and takes too long:-)

So start off by outlining the cookie with stiff royal icing and then fill it with flood icing. Lay the cut square shape image over on the wet icing, pushing down to spread the icing if necessary. You want to do each cookie separately so that the icing doesn’t harden before you place the image on. Let these dry on a tray overnight.

For the border, I piped some royal icing on the edge of the hardened icing and then I dipped it into sanding sugar and left them to dry.

And that’s it!

You can use this method for any cookie shape and image! Enjoy!!