Kit Kat Basketball Cake

Kit Kat cakeThis is a simple Basketball cake that anyone can make!

Start off with two 8inch layers of cake (I used chocolate cake), stack, fill and frost with your buttercream of choice (I used milk

chocolate buttercream – deeelishhh). Keep in mind that you want your Kit Kats to be slightly taller than your cake.

Then you’re going to need your Reese’s Pieces. I got two regular sized bags just in case I would run out of the colors I need. But don’t worry, there will be plenty left over to eat;)

You’re going to have to pick out the orange and brown ones for the basketball design. Start out by laying out the brown line down the middle (should be 15 pieces). Then keep laying out the rest of the design using the correct colors. You can follow my picture as a guide for how many pieces you’ll need and where to put them.

Next you will need your Kit Kats. I used almost ten packages of the regular sized Kit Kats that comes with 4 pieces per package but I recommend having extra in case. I broke each package in half so that I had 2 Kit Kats per piece. Start in the back and stick the Kit Kat pieces onto the side of the cake making sure to press them in firmly. You want to make sure that your frosting is still wet so that the Kit Kats will stick. For the last Kit Kat piece, you may need to break it and use only one Kit Kat.

I topped the cake off by tying a ribbon around. I placed a piece of wax paper behind the bow so that when I glue gunned the ribbon,  I didn’t get any glue on the cake. When the glue dries, carefully remove the wax paper.





  1. looks great i am looking foward to bake it myself

  2. I didnt follow the recipe just looked at the picture and it tastes and looks amazing

  3. Christina says

    What size is your cake??

  4. Thanks, attempting this for my 12yr old basketballer, in Australia 🙂