Lego Cake

Lego head cake

Hey guys!

My little brother turned 10 a few weeks ago and of course I wanted to make the cake:)

He loves lego! And he is really good at it too, so we decided on a lego cake. I was in a little bit of a time constraint so we went with a lego head. I love the color of this cake its so bright and cheerful!!

I started off with 4 layers of cake. I torted each in half to make 8 thin layers. I brushed each cake with simple syrup (equal parts of sugar and water brought to a boil).

Then I stacked and filled the cake, crumb coated it using the board on top method with buttercream (i like using ganache because it holds the sharp edges but he wanted buttercream!) and let it chill in the fridge. It was a pretty tall cake!

The next day I covered the cake in bright yellow homemade LMF marshmallow fondant.

By the way, have you seen Liz Marek from Artisan cake company’s new book? Im ¬†a huge fan of her work and especially her fondant recipe (LMF)! Go check it out!

covering cake with fondant

covering cake with fondant

I also covered a 1 layer 4 inch cake which I put on the top.

Then I rolled out some black fondant and cutout the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. I did it by eye but you can use a template if you’d like. I rolled out a pink (or red) laffy taffy for the tongue (you can also use fondant). I attached all of these to the cake with a little water. And thats it!

lego head cake
lego head cake

The cake was a huge hit! All the kids loved it! Enjoy!