Paintbrush Cookies

paintbrush cookiesHi guys!

I was asked to make paintbrush cookies for my aunts paintcan party favors.  Her theme was “paint the town red”.

First I bought a paintbrush cookie cutter. I used one from or you can  use this one from Amazon.

Then I baked sugar cookies using my favorite recipe and cut them with the paintbrush cutter. You can bake the cookies in advance and freeze them until you are ready to decorate!

paintcan party favors

I decided to go with fondant for decorating because I really wanted to capture all the details.

I used homemade marshmallow fondant and colored it that tan wood color for the handle.

The black was pre colored fondant and I added some white fondant for the gray.

I rolled the wood fondant out and used this woodgrain mat to make it look like wood.

Than I used the same cuter to cut the shape but I cut off part of the bottom (as seen in photo) to make it just go a little past the square part of the cookie.

I than attached the fondant to the cookie by brushing a little water on the fondant to help it stick.

If you are doing the rest of the decorations later or the next day, let the cookies set on a cookie sheet covered with a towel.

paintbrush cookiesFor the metal piece I used the bottom of the cuter to get the right shape and size and made it as thin as I wanted. I also attached this with water.

To get the metallic shiny look, I used this silver color mist and sprayed it into a cup (use a deep, narrow one to avoid the spray getting everywhere). I than used a paintbrush to paint the spray onto the gray fondant piece. Allow this to dry before touching it.

For the black paint bristles I cut the black fondant with the cutter and cut off the part I didn’t need (the area of the handle and metal piece). I than used a veining tool from this Cake Boss set to make the lines look like bristles. I like this set of fondant tools because it comes with a storage box and a card that explains what each tool is for. And of course its cake boss which makes it even better!!! I attached this black fondant square with water as well and let the cookies set up overnight on  a tray covered with a towel. Once they are dry put them in a container until your ready for the paint part.

paintbrush cookies

For the paint I melted these non-dairy red candy melts and used a piping bag to drizzle it on the edge of the cookie. Leave the cookie on wax or parchment paper so that when the chocolate dries you can easily take it off.

Store these in an airtight container or in individual treat bags! Enjoy!!!!



  1. Babys Bread says

    I love the detailed explanation… Well done!